Food, Sex and Death (2011)

2011 – 2011


6 stories by 5 actors about the 3 things that we all can‟t do without! Whether you come from a HDB flat or a PJ terrace house, these stories will undoubtedly be familiar to us even after 46 years of separation. Playwrights Desmond Sim (Singapore) and Nandang Abdul Rahman (Malaysia) explore the appetites, pleasures and miseries that are still common on both sides of the Causeway. Food, Sex & Death is presented by klpac's Theatre For Young People (T4YP) programme.

Written by Desmond Sim (Singapore) & Nandang Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)
Directed by: Christopher Ling

Featuring: Belinda Hon, Devyani Gupta, Kamini Senthilathiban, Nabil Zakaria & Nick Dorian

Executive Producer: Dato Faridah Merican
Artistic Director: Joe Hasham OAM

(Source: The Arts House Website)


Desmond Sim
Nandang Abdul Rahman
Christopher Ling
Belinda Hon
Devyani Gupta
Kamini Senthilathiban
Nabil Zakaria
Nick Dorian


Food, Sex and Death (2011), Review
Ignore the provocative title - this production's mainly made up of short family dramas, tenderly scripted by playwrights Desmond Sim and Nandang Abdul Rahman. There's some exceptionally good writing in Sim's one-act play The Durian Seller's Daughters, which captures the cultural rifts of "cosmopolitans" and "heartlanders" that arise in a family when a daughter returns home from studies abroad. Nick Dorian is particularly convincing here as the old durian seller, passive-aggressively resisting the wa
Ng Yi-Sheng
Reviewed: 30 July 2011