5 August 2006 – 6 August 2006 @ Guinness Theatre, The Substation


This staging of Smegma was cancelled due to the licence being withdrewn by the Media Development Authority on 4 August 2006.

Media Development Authority


In every society, the privileged groups' control over and exploitation of the disadvantaged groups is the key source to social problems. These problems endlessly shape the material and spiritual landscapes of the outsiders. The outsiders' education and environment generates beliefs and values that are diametrically opposed to the empowered status quo and if unchecked will fester and spread like virulent disease to destroy everything set by the powers that be. SMEGMA explores this plastic society's hidden hierarchies by surfacing the experiences of its outsiders: - Would you rape for the sake of your country? Would you kill children for your faith? Are you a transsexual wiating for God at the MRT station? Are you a Foreign Talent who thinks Singaporeans are bloody stupid? Would you kill for your right to smoke in a bus stop? Are you an ex-opposition politician who believes in freedom of expression in the cell? Are you a foreign maid selling you virginity for financial safety? Do you like to make love to under-aged girls on weekends? Would you throw pork into a prayer session? Would you employ an illegal immigrant ghost? Are you a pregnant suicide-bomber who wants to take the children and MP to heaven? SMEGMA interrogates the 'moral, cultural, religious, political, economical legitimacy world' from many different perspectives of the underdogs and their masters. When the comfort-zone is shattered ugliness rears its head like cheesy SMEGMA.

Performed by:
Ahamed Ali Khan
Dew (Kasamawati Masmintra Chaiyanara)
Max Ling Sun Ginn
Nina Mareta Kosasih
Shaiful Risan bin Mohamed Hassan
Sugiman bin Rahmat
Theresa Chan
Umi Kalthum bte Ismail

Lighting Design: Paw Sorensen
Sound Design & technical Manager: Andre Danker
Set Design: Elangovan
Stage Manager: Regina Chua
Production Manager: S Thenmoli

Written and directed by Elangovan

(Source: Smegma, published 2006)


Smegma (2006), Poster
Poster for Smegma (2006)
Agni Kootthu
Recorded: 5 August 2006