23 September 1999 – 3 October 1999 @ Drama Centre Theatre, Fort Canning Park


A racy, sexy drama where office politics and the virtual world collide. Fantasies, anonymity, reality. Can you truly be anyone you want to be in cyberspace?

Director: Casey Lim
Writer: Tan Mei Ching
Composer: Ong Shueh Li

Set Design: Casey Lim, Chan Man Loon
Light Design: Dorothy Png
Projection Design: Chan Man Loon
Costume Design: Anthony Tan 
Hair & Makeup Design: Doreen Sim, Ryan Yap 

Adi Soon
Darren Chiam
Electric Muse
Jameson Soh
Malcolm Oei 
Medaline Tan
Melissa De Silva
Wong Phin Wei 

Projection Management: Audrey Hoo, Jodie Koh
Technical Management: Rosdi Subdi
Stage Management: Carmen Tan, Jodie Koh

Sound Engineer: Fauzey Hussain
Lighting: Joanna Goh
Sound: Dulcie Beth 
Video: Elvan Ong
Crew: Jeffrey Omar, Joyce Yao, Linda Low, Melvin Lim
Front of House: Ainun bte Harun, Charmaine Sng, Haliah bte Ibrahim, Lee Min Min

(Source: T:>Works Archive)


Casey Lim
Director, Set Designer
Tan Mei Ching
Ong Shueh Li
Chan Man Loon
Set Designer, Projection Designer
Dorothy Png
Lighting Designer
Anthony Tan
Costume Designer
Doreen Sim
Hair Designer, Makeup Designer
Ryan Yap
Hair Designer, Makeup Designer


On Mercury's Wings (1999), Review
Skin Deep Look at the Social Implications of IRC The visual sparseness of play only had the unfortunate effect of highlighting the paper-thin plot and the trite dialogue. The endless stretch of Medaline Tan's shapely legs… the sight of her curvaceous body sheathed in the fashionable shades of metallic black and gun-metal grey… a banana with a condom loped over it… virtual sex in Internet Relay Chat (IRC) chatrooms visually represented by bodies gyrating to thumping music… an office Beng who derive
Ng Joo Kim
Reviewed: 23 September 1999