Year Zero: The Historical Tragedy of Cambodia (1996)

24 February 1996 – 3 March 1996 @ Guinness Theatre, The Substation

13 March 1996 – 14 March 1996 @ PUB Auditorium


The Cultural Service of the French Embassy always finds great pleasure in congratulating and supporting William Teo and Asia In Theatre Research Centre. This is especially so when they present Project Aspara, a showcase of the rich and diverse culture of Cambodia, narrates in an epic form the destruction of a nation and its culture and its traditional way of life. Epic and tragedy come close and this story touches us very deeply. As William Teo says: "It is an important historical tragedy that concerns not only the Cambodian people but the world as well".

The Arts has the privilege of reaching out to universal understanding and of making us feel the tragedy as if it was our own. 

Thank you, William, for making us feel an emotion so strong and so sharp.

– Jean Claude Terrac (Counsellor - Cultural, Scientific and Technical Corporation)

Director and Conceptualist: William Teo
Assistant Director and Playwright: Tan Cheng Hung
Researcher: Toh Han Shih

Set Designer: Sebastian Zheng
Lighting Designer: Yo Shao Ann
Stage Manager and Programme Designer: Neo Kim Seng
Flyer & Poster Designer: Sebastian Zheng

Publicity Photographer: Steve Zhu
Producer: Wayang In Motion

Reiko Aoki
Victor Chan
Nelson Chia
Rosa Linda Enriquez-Meyer
Heng Guan Hou
Jesse Lim
Ling Poh Foong
Philip Marcelo
Ruby Mohd
Paul Sim
Imogen Smith
Dick Su
Subramaniam V
Karen Tan
Tan Ai Cheng
Tan Ngerng Soong
Tan Yam Hua
Doreen Toh
Sabrina Wendy Yeong

Cambodian Guests: An Pagna, Cheng Socaenda, Chon Sena, Khem Rita, Sok Lee
Musicians: Cheng Socaenda, Khem Rita, Raman Rajakanth

(Source: Asia In Theatre Research Centre Programme)


William Teo
Director, Conceptualizer
Tan Cheng Hung
Assistant Director, Playwright
Toh Han Shih
Sebastian Zeng
Set Designer, Flyer Designer, Poster Designer
Yo Shao Ann
Lighting Designer
Neo Kim Seng
Stage Manager, Programme Designer
Steve Zhu
Publicity Photographer
Reiko Aoki


Year Zero: The Historical Tragedy of Cambodia (1996), Programme
Programme for Year Zero: The Historical Tragedy of Cambodia (1996).
William Teo, Asia In Theatre Research Centre
Recorded: 24 February 1996