The Mahabharata Part I: The Game of Dice (1995)

14 July 1995 – 15 July 1995 @ The Singapore Airlines Theatre, LASALLE College of the Arts

18 July 1995 – 23 July 1995 @ The Garden, The Substation

25 July 1995 – 26 July 1995 @ Victoria Theatre


Described as "the great story of mankind", The Mahabharata tells the story of a long and bloody war between two cousins: the Pandavas of five brothers and the Kauravas of whom there were a hundred. The power struggle ends with an enormous battle that would determine the fate of the world. The Game of Dice traces the journey of the creation of the Pandavas and Kauravas. It is a journey taken by humanity since the beginning of time. A lifetime of choices presented, each with an effect on the rest of nature. Choices faced by each of us even today.

Playwright: Jean-Claude Carriere
Translator: Peter Brook
Director: William Teo
Advisor: K P Bhaskar

Set Designer: Sebastian Zeng
Costume Designer: Ah Peng
Lighting Designer: William Teo, Dorothy Png
Set Construction: Goh Seng Lai & Co.
Mask Designer: Ashley Lim

Stage Manager: Neo Kim Seng, Audrey Koh
Research: Toh Han Shih
Poster Designer: Thesus Chan
Programme Designer: Neo Kim Seng
Producer: Wayang In Motion

Joanne Balaraj
Nelson Chia
Rosa Linda Enriquez-Meyer
Georgina Gray
Hamzah Mahmid
Juraimy Abu Bakar
Clement Lau
Jesse Lim
Sharon Lim
Sonny Lim
Freddie Low
R Mahendra
Philip E Marcelo
Julie Phang
Mohan Sachdev
Christina Sergeant
Paul Sim
Dick Su
V Subramaniam
Doreen Toh
Toh Han Shih
Yeo Siak Ling

Raman Rajakanth
B Puspa Rani
Ghana Venotham Retnam
Terlochan Singh
Jatinder Singh Bedi
B Velu
M Vigneshwari

(Source: Asia In Theatre Research Centre Programme)


Jean-Claude Carriere
Peter Brook
Script Translator
William Teo
Director, Lighting Designer
Sebastian Zeng
Set Designer
Dorothy Png
Lighting Designer
Ashley Lim
Mask Designer
Neo Kim Seng
Stage Manager, Programme Designer


The Mahabharata Part I: The Game of Dice (1995), Programme
Programme for The Mahabharata Part I: The Game of Dice (1995).
William Teo, Asia In Theatre Research Centre
Recorded: 14 July 1995