International Friendship Day (2021)

2 July 2021 – 9 July 2021 @ Zoom, Online


It’s International Friendship Day at MPSS but friendship seems to be the last thing on the students’ minds.

While the foreign students Adi, Anton and Liqin are questioning what to showcase at their booths and why there isn’t one for the local students, the Drama Club boys are unhappy about them not putting any effort towards the much anticipated Singapore Youth Festival (SYF).

Meanwhile, Carys is facing pressure at home for losing her spot as the school’s top Maths student.

Will she lose her top spot to an international scholar?

Will the Drama Club boys get the foreigners to join in the chorus?

Will Adi get the booth of his choice?

Director: Alvin Tan
Playwright: Haresh Sharma 

Cast: Audrey Luo, Ghazal Muzakir, Karen Tan, Tan Guo Lian Sutton

Facilitators: Masturah Oli, Sindhura Kalidas

Stage Manager: Samantha Chia
Assistant Stage Manager: Jovetta Tan

Videographer: Tuckys Photography
Project Manager: Natasha Fathin

(Source: The Necessary Stage Archives)

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