7 June 1999 – 8 June 1999 @ Victoria Theatre

24 June 1999 – 27 June 1999 @ Victoria Theatre


A diverse group of senior citizens live in a retirement home called Sunset Rise. They are of different races, religions and ages and they speak different languages and dialects.

But the differences between them go beyond the physical. They vary in temperament: some accept age gracefully, some are friendly, some are quarrelsome and others are vengeful. They vary in their tastes: whether in the food they eat or the clothes they wear. Above all, they differ in how they view the final days of their lives: one spends the entire day putting on makeup; another serenades himself: one plays a never-ending game of chess; another is always in search of someone to listen to stories of the missed opportunities in her life. 

Yet, despite the differences, each in their own way tries to paint a colourful chapter of the final leg of their life's journey. And invariably, they show that as they come closer to the end of their individual journeys, they are more aware that one lives only once, and every moment is worth living to its fullest. 

Creative Team

Playwright: Kuo Pao Kun

Set Designer: Ng Yak Whee, Kuo Pao Kun
Lighting Designer: Dorothy Png
Music Designer/Sound Designer: Leong Wey Hsien
Costume Designer: Ng Sin Yue

Director: Kuo Pao Kun
Assistant Director: Ng Sin Yue
Producer: Wong May Lan

Production Team

Production Assistant: Guo Xiong
Costume Assistant: Chong Wai Yee

Stage Manager: Koh Wan Ching
Assistant Stage Managers: Seah May Ping, Low Xiao Ting

Props Production: CONDEC Interior Construction
Makeup: Lim Poey Huang, Mary Ho 
Lighting Operator: Ng Boon Lay
Sound Operator: Wong Wai Keng
Set Coordinator: Richard Chua
Front of House: Guo Xiong, Pok Fee Fern, June Hoong
Wardrobe Assistant: Chong Wai Yee, Wang Li
Stage Crew: Richard Chua, Ng Kia Lee, Doreen Tan, Cheryl Ho, Daphne Lim 


Tan Kok Siew
Tang Chia Yu
Yang Wen Zhong
Goh Guat Kian
T Sasitharan
Oniatta bte Effendi
Remesh Kumar Panicker
Jean Ng Li Sin
Jalyn Han Shese Ching 
Low Kah Wei
Chua Lian Choon Richard

(Source: The Theatre Practice Programme)

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Kuo Pao Kun
Playwright, Director, Set Designer
Ng Yak Whee
Set Designer
Dorothy Png
Lighting Designer
Leong Wey Hsien
Music Designer, Sound Designer
Ng Sin Yue
Costume Designer, Assistant Director
Wong May Lan
Guo Xiong
Production Assistant, Front of House
Chong Wai Yee
Costume Assistant, Wardrobe Assistant


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Programme for Singapore Arts Festival (1999). 
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Sunset Rise (1999), Programme
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The Theatre Practice
Recorded: 7 June 1999
Sunset Rise (1999), Programme
Programme for Sunset Rise (1999). 
The Theatre Practice
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