9 June 2016 – 12 June 2016 @ Theatre Studio, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


Are you living a life to fulfil someone else's purpose?

Helmed by Cultural Medallion recipients Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma of The Necessary Stage, Ghost Writer offers a glimpse into the lives of characters intertwined by blood and ties that bind - and suffocate. 

A young dancer who has undergone traditional training feels dislocated within her artistic practice in her home country. A new expatriate wife detached from her immediate reality draws inspiration from the writings of strangers past and present, and tries to reinvent herself. A teacher seeks to save a school that she had inherited, but finds that her quest leaves her lonelier than ever. 

A meditative interdisciplinary production that charts the collisions of people seeking to alter their destinies, Ghost Writer grapples with the question of how independent our lives can be. Are we existing based on other people's terms, or can we transcend tradition and memory to rewrite our own stories? 

Performed by:
Sharda Maxine Harrison
Olé Khamchanla
Ruby Jayaseelan
Jereh Leong
Ebi Shankara
Sukania Venugopal 

Director: Alvin Tan
Playwright: Haresh Sharma
Dramaturg: Charlene Rajendran

Choreographer: Olé Khamchanla 
Sound Artist: Bani Haykal
Vocalist: Namita Mehta
Multimedia Artist: Brian Gothong Tan

Set Designer: Wong Chee Wai
Lighting Designer: Adrian Tan
Costume Designer: Tube Gallery by Phisit & Sasit 

Production Stage Manager: Azy Alias
Assistant Stage Manager: Mish'aal 
Technical Manager: Hu Chun Lai 
Wardrobe Manager: Tan Jia Hui

Multimedia Operator: Muhammad Sufiyan b Adam 
Production Crew: Abel Koh, Mathilda Chan, Michael Ng

(Source: The Necessary Stage Programme)

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Olé Khamchanla
Performer, Choreographer
Jereh Leong
Ebi Shankara
Alvin Tan
Haresh Sharma


Ghost Writer (2016), Flyers
Flyers for Ghost Writer (2016).
The Necessary Stage
Recorded: 9 June 2016
Ghost Writer (2016), Programme
Programme for Ghost Writer (2016).
The Necessary Stage
Recorded: 9 June 2016