Who's Afraid of Chow Yuen Fatt? (1996)

22 June 1996 – 27 June 1996 @ World Trade Centre Auditorium


Who's Afraid of Chow Yuen Fatt? is a gripping journey about the dislocation of the human spirit when a Hong Kong family emigrates to Singapore.

Dressed as murder-thriller, the play begins with the discovery of a stockbroker with 44 stab wounds. Mr Kwok. a new PR of Singapore has been implicated. He appoints Bettina, a Singaporean criminal lawyer to defend him. However. Mr Kwok’s wife, a fading diva and actress will not testify to save him. Bettina the lawyer smells a rat. 

The search for truth brings about the worst cultural and moral conflicts between lawyer and client.

Playwright: Desmond Sim
Cast: Tan Kheng Hua, Lo Koon-Lan 

(Source: National Arts Council Programme)



Singapore Festival of Arts (1996), Programme
Programme for Singapore Festival of Arts (1996). 
National Arts Council
Recorded: 26 May 1996