12 March 2003 – 15 March 2003 @ NUS Museum, University Cultural Centre


Lanterns centers on an 18-year-old girl, Kah Wei. She lived with her mother and brother in a HDB flat. She is well provided for and everything at home is good. But Kah Wei is not happy.

In fact, she hates living at home and wants to move out. She'll scream and shout, stomp her feet and terrorise everyone until she gets what she wants. 

And she doesn't care what you think. And if you think that's bad, brace yourself, cause there's be other teenagers with even worse behaviour. Repulsive, horrid, spoilt attitudes will be displayed at every turn as the main storyline is interrupted by talkshows, interviews and a live MTV. All you goodie-two-shoes out there, this show is dedicated especially to you. Be careful... we're coming to get you!


Devised + Performed by: Serena Ho, Patricia Mok, Rodney Oliveiro, Paerin Choa, T T Dhavamanni

Director: Natalie Hennedige 

Set/Costume/Props Designer: Hella Chan
Lighting Designer: Suven Chan

Production Manager: Suraya Ab Rasid
Technical Manager: Patrick Wong
Stage Manager: Cindy Yeong
Assistant Stage Manager: Sheila Ther

Lighting Operator: James Tan
Sound Operator: Clarence Ng
Stage Crew: Haida Rahim, Fahmy Sidik, Delvin Lee
Set Intern: Wan Soon Kin

(Source: The Necessary Stage Programme)

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Serena Ho
Devising Cast, Cast
Patricia Mok
Devising Cast, Cast
Rodney Oliveiro
Devising Cast, Cast
Paerin Choa
Devising Cast, Cast
T T Dhavamanni
Devising Cast, Cast
Hella Chan
Set Designer, Costume Designer, Props Designer
Suven Chan
Lighting Designer


M1 Youth Connection (2003), Programme
Programme for M1 Youth Connection 2003.
The Necessary Stage
Recorded: 13 March 2003
M1 Youth Connection (2003), Brochure
Brochure for M1 Youth Connection 2003.
The Necessary Stage
Recorded: 13 March 2003