25 October 2012 – 28 October 2012 @ The Joyden Hall, Bugis+


A rare collaboration between two Asian theatre masters for a tribute to yet another theatre doyen - Makoto Sato (Tokyo) and Danny Yung (Hong Kong) helm a group of actors, highly accomplished in Noh theatre and Kunqu opera, and contemporary theatre artists, to bring forth a newly minted creation based upon The Spirits Play by Kuo Pao Kun. A notable work in Singapore theatre, The Spirits Play acutely pieces together the intense agony, guilt and turmoil that occur as the price of war. It serves as a memorial towards death, and a reflection upon life. Here, Makoto Sato and Danny Yung explore a fresh interpretation of the classic text, set within a stripped-down "one table, two chairs" format. The contemporary theatre artists, Noh actors from Tokyo and Kunqu actors from Nanjing are thus presented with an open platform for active dialogues on the arts, culture and history, going beyond the confines of their respective cultures and countries. 

Fu Kailing
Lee Kong Shen
Peck Jing Yi Genevieve
Ang Qiao Er
Pong Jing Ye
jed lim
Tang Yeow Seng

Wardrobe Assistant: Hung Chit Wah

Part One

Concept, Direction & Set Design: Makoto Sato 
Lighting Designer: Shigeo Saito
Sound Designer: Takeshi Shima
Video Designer & Operator: Naoto Iina
Costume Designer: Azusa Imamura

Technical Director & Stage Manager: Akitomo Suzuki
Lighting Operator: Takanori Nakata
Sound Operator: Yuri Katsumi 
Assistant Director: E-Run 

Performers: Uichiro Fueda, Kanji Shimizu, Takao Nishimura, Sun Jing, Tang Qin 

Part Two

Director & Set Designer: Danny Yung
Lighting Designer: Shigeo Saito
Music: Pun Tak Shu
Video Designer: Vanessa Lee 

Lighting Operator: Takanori Nakata 
Creative Coordinator: Cheuk Cheung 
Technical Director & Stage Manager: Lawrence Lee 
Deputy Stage Manager: Chan Ka Yee
Producer: Wong Yuewai 

Performers: Kanji Shimizu, Makoto Matsushima, Yang Yang, Xu Sijia, Sun Jing, Tang Qin

(Source: The Theatre Practice Programme)

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