29 April 2015 – 24 May 2015 @ Fort Canning Park


The play begins on the deck of a violent ship at sea in the middle of a violent tempest. Amid loud sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning, the sailors fight to bring down the sails in order to control the ship. The passengers, Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, and Ferinand, come on deck to see what is happening, but the sailors complain that they interfere with their work and make more noise than the storm. Soon all appears lost as the ship breaks apart. The passengers and crew believe they are about to drown.

Director: Braham Murray, Obe
Choreographer: Mark Bruce
Composer: Tayo Akinbode

Production Designer: Simon Higlett
Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan
Sound Designer: Mike Walker

Julie Wee
Simon Robson
Ann Lek
Theo Ogundipe
Timothy Wan
Terence Wilton
Ian Shaw
William Ledbetter
Matt Grey
Shane Mardjuki
Daniel Jenkins
Egan Chan

Farah Aishah
Egan Chan
Evannia C. Handoyo
Cheryl Ho
Yvonne Low
Hayley Meng
Evangeline Ng
Lauren Sim
Yeo Su-Min
Claris Tan
Justin Tan
Terry Tan

Assistant Director: Natalie Wong
Vocal Coach: Aole Miller
Stage Manager: Lu Huen
Deputy Stage Manager: Carolene Ruth Liew
Assistant Stage Manager: Keira Lee, Tara M S Netto

Scenic Painter: Natalie Chung
Props Master: Chan Silei
Props Assistant: Marilyn Ang

Hair & Wig: Ashley Lim
Makeup - The Make Up Room
Wardrobe Consultant: Engie Ho
Wardrobe Manager: Chloei Hew
Assistant Wardrobe Manager: Valeree Ray Lee
Wardrobe Assistant: Nur Aainaa Binte Abdul Rahman, Jere Lim, Karen Miyuki

Sound Operator: Marco Curcio - Ctrl Fre@k
Stage Crew: Raja Mohammad Yusuf, Mohammad Haryani Bin Ahmad

(Source: Singapore Repertory Theatre Programme)

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Braham Murray, Obe
Mark Bruce
Tayo Akinbode
Simon Higlett
Production Designer
Gabriel Chan
Lighting Designer
Mike Walker
Sound Designer
Simon Robson


The Tempest (2015), Programme
Programme for The Tempest (2015).
Singapore Repertory Theatre
Recorded: 29 April 2015
The Tempest (2015), Brochure
Brochure for The Tempest (2015).
Singapore Repertory Theatre
Recorded: 29 April 2015