21 June 1990 – 23 June 1990 @ Victoria Theatre


The title character, Lao Jiu, the ninth child, is born with the best of everything in a huge, extended family. He is talented, intelligent, good looking, charming, and the focus of all their love and attention. In fact, the darling of all the family — until he decides to forfeit an excellent academic career to devote himself to a dying Puppet Master. 

This production, which will be in Chinese and other languages spoken in Singapore, incorporates puppetry, martial arts, music and dance; this is an experimental epic witnessing the dramatic interplay of things traditional and contemporary — in terms of theatre forms and issues.

Director & Playwright: Kuo Pao Kun

(Source: Ministry of Community Development Programme)

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Kuo Pao Kun
Director, Playwright


Singapore Festival of Arts (1990), Programme
Programme for Singapore Festival of Arts (1990). 
Ministry of Community Development
Recorded: 1 June 1990