11 November 2005 – 20 November 2005 @ Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building


After eight daughters, a son is finally here - and no ordinary son is he.

Shifu, a master of traditional puppetry, makes a prediction before his birth that the boy will be endowed with exceptional intelligence, and will grow up to be a man of great accomplishment. He is therefore named You Wei (meaning "achievement"), and nicknamed Lao Jiu (the ninth-born).

Lao Jiu's parents and his many sisters devote themselves to the care of the gifted child, harbouring ambitions for him to do well in his studies, succeed, and bring honour to the family. As Lao Jiu begins the pursuit of these goals, he develops a close relationship with Shifu and years to be his student. His passion for the dying art form of puppetry quickly grows. Meanwhile, he draws closer to fulfilling the expectations of his family, and is soon on the verge of winning a prestigious scholarship that will ensure a glorious career.

Will he let his family down? Are their aspirations his own? Torn between reality and dreams, modernity and tradition, Lao Jiu is determined to find his destiny. 

Original Play: Kuo Pao Kun
Artistic Director: Goh Lay Kuan
Music: Jonathan Price
Lyrics: Xiao Han, Wu Xi, Yang Qian
Adaptation: Wu Xi, Zhang Xian 
Director: Kuo Jian Hong 

Music Orchestration: Jonathan Price
Vocal Direction: Lim Shieh Yih
Music Direction: Belinda Foo 

Set Design: Lim Wei Ling
Costume Design: Paul Warren
Lighting Design: Lea Xiao
Hair & Makeup Design: Sunny Chan 
Choreography: Kuo Jing Hong
Puppetry Design: Tan Beng Tian, Rene Ong 


Liu Xiaoyi
Johnny Ng
Goh Guat Kian
Lim Kay Siu
Tan Beng Chiak
Peter Wee
Koh Wan Ching
Kay Foong
Celine Rosa Tan
Ace Chew
Judy Ngo
Andrew Lua Dai Jun
Jasmine Koh
Goi Hoe Chin
Catherine Wong
Lim Aik Meng
Mindee Ong
Justin Kan
Magdalene See
Paerin Choa 
Jonathan Lim
Oliver Chong
Trey Ho
Alvin Chiam
Jalyn Han
Zara Tania Chen Weiyan
Zesa Tania Chen Xinyan
Zoea Tania Chen Jinyan
Tan Jia Ning 
Chee Kai Wei
Kenrick Chong
Wee Yong Xuan
Quek Zhong Yi


Belinda Foo 
Tony Ang
Lim Boon Guek
Vicknes Veerappan
Jonathan Koh
Ruth Ling
Joel Nah
Tan Kian Wee
Xu Zhong Yu
Chia Jit Min
Leong Wan Yee

Production Team

Asst Director: Alvin Chiam
Production Manager: Lee Cheng Heng
Stage Manager: Joanna Goh
Asst Stage Managers: Cecilia Chow, Ting Hock Hoe 

Martial Arts Director & Additional Choreography: Low Ee Chiang
Rehearsal Assistant: Lee Yeong Wen 

Set Coordinator & Props Supervisor: Lim Keng San
Stage Crew: Kwan Li Feng, Ben Ong, William Tew, Yap Seok Hui
Costume Supervisor: Jewel Lim
Wardrobe Supervisor: Nurhidayah bte Mahadi
Hisyamudin bin Hassan
Esther Kong Wei Yan
Muhammad Hezan bin Rosli
Muneerah B
Nor Hayawati bte Mohd Noor
Natalie Tan
Hair & Makeup: The Makeup Room 

Asst Lighting Designer: Lim Woan Wen
Master Electrician: Alan Loh Hung Heng 
Lighting Crew: Idzan bin Idrus, Scott Lee Jian Long, Maung Thu Yain Pye Aung, Jason Sin Weng Keong, Adrian Tan

Sound Engineer: Shah Tahir
Radio Mic Operator: Tay Mandy
Sound Crew: Mohamad Haziq bin Surajan 
Music Copying: David Giuli
Surtitles: Koh Wan Ching
Surtitles Operator: Reene Ho

Project Manager: Chua Lik Ling
Asst Project Manager: Joyce Yao
Marketing Manager: Hannah Tan 

(Source: The Theatre Practice Programme)

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Kuo Pao Kun
Goh Lay Kuan
Artistic Director
Jonathan Price
Music Composer, Orchestrator
Wu Xi
Lyricist, Adaptation
Yang Qian
Zhang Xian


Lao Jiu (2005), Flyer
Flyer for Lao Jiu (2005). 
The Theatre Practice
Recorded: 11 November 2005
Lao Jiu (2005), Flyer
Flyer for Lao Jiu (2005). 
The Theatre Practice
Recorded: 11 November 2005
Lao Jiu (2005), Miscellaneous
Information booklet for Lao Jiu (2005). 
The Theatre Practice
Recorded: 11 November 2005
Lao Jiu (2005), Programmes
Programmes for Lao Jiu (2005). 
The Theatre Practice
Recorded: 11 November 2005