Lanterns Never Go Out (1994)

17 March 1994 – 19 March 1994 @ Guinness Theatre, The Substation


This play revolves around Kah Wei, a 15 year-old girl, who will be sitting for her GCE 'O' Level examinations next year. The play starts with Chinese New Year where Kah Wei's relatives' constant nagging and unwanted advice force her to seek refuge in her room. The scenes that follow reveal the different aspects of Kah Wei’s  character - her relationships, her childhood, her corning to grips with the roles she must play and the various expectations she faces.

As the play progresses, we may find ourselves as Kah Wei docs, questioning the dos and don'ts, the whys and hows, of life. Or, we may find ourselves questioning Kah Wei.

Director: Elvira Holmberg
Playwright: Haresh Sharma

Production Manager: Clarisse Ng
Stage Manager: Charmaine Tan

Lighting Design: Thio Lay Hoon
Sound & Music: Hossan Leong

Poster Design: Ho Soon Yeen

Administration: Freddie Low, Julius Foo
Curriculum & Planning: Alvin Tan, Elvira Holmberg, Sakinah Bte Dollah, Abdulatiff Bin Abdullah

Abdulatiff Bin Abdullah
Kristen Chan
Chong Tze Chien
Sakinah Bte Dollah
Julius Foo
Natalie Hennedige

(Source: The Necessary Stage Programme)

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Elvira Holmberg
Director, Curriculum, Planning
Haresh Sharma
Clarisse Ng
Production Manager
Charmaine Tan
Stage Manager
Thio Lay Hoon
Lighting Designer
Ho Soon Yeen
Publicity Designer
Freddie Low


Lanterns Never Go Out (1994), Brochure
Brochure for Lanterns Never Go Out (1994). 
The Necessary Stage
Recorded: 17 March 1994
Lanterns Never Go Out (1994), Programme
Programme for Lanterns Never Go Out (1994). 
The Necessary Stage
Recorded: 17 March 1994