Geylang People in the Net (1997)

21 August 1997 – 26 August 1997 @ Victoria Theatre


An original multi-lingual multi-racial play about the life & times and joys & struggles of Geylang.


Director: Kuo Pao Kun
Assistant Director: Jeffrey Tan
Choreographer: Kuo Jing Hong

Costume Designer: Goh Lay Kuan
Set Designer: Lim Wei Ling @ workShop 2
Backdrop: Ng Yak Whee
Sound Designer: Leong Wey Hsien @ workShop 2

Lighting Consultant: Xiao Li He
Wardrobe Coordinator: Lim Peiling
Set Assistant: Ng Wen Lei, Wong Wan Sing
Sound Operator: Teo Pei Pei 
Lighting Operator: Tan Boon Wee, Clarice Ong Heng Hwee 
Wardrobe Assistant: To Kuo Ling, Chua Bee Khee 

Stage Manager: Chan Lee Lee
Assistant Stage Manager: Shelen Ong, Lee Hock Leong 
Stage Hand: Lim Kok Siong 

Photographer: Lim Wei Ling @ workShop 2
Publicity: Tan Yee Siang, Lim Xue Ling, Tan Hui Noi, Yeo Hon Beng 
Graphic Designer: Ong Guat Teng @ workShop 2 
Producer: Wong May Lan 


Tammy Tan Wah Ling
Judy Ngo Mui Leok
Oniatta Effendi
Ng Gay Wee
Samuie Tarjalia
Kamal bin Mamat
Patricia Cheng Bee Hwee
Yap Jia Yang 
Monica Claire Rajaratnam 
Leanne Ong Teck Lian
Dick Su Chai Chong
Doreen Toh Kwee Kee
Norhayati binte Maksom
Sim Kok Eng
Rodney Mark Oliveiro
Md Khalid b Kudabar
Johnny Ng Jia Qiang
Tan Beng Tian 

(Source: Synopsis from The Theatre Practice Flyer and Credits from The Theatre Practice Programme)


Kuo Pao Kun
Jeffrey Tan
Assistant Director
Kuo Jing Hong
Goh Lay Kuan
Costume Designer
Lim Wei Ling
Set Designer, Photographer
Ng Yak Whee
Set Designer
Leong Wey Hsien
Sound Designer
Xiao Li He
Lighting Consultant


Geylang People in the Net (1997), Flyer
Flyer for Geylang People in the Net (1997).
The Theatre Practice
Recorded: 21 August 1997
Geylang People in the Net (1997), Programme
Programme for Geylang People in the Net (1997).
The Theatre Practice
Recorded: 21 August 1997