Singapore Arts Festival 2009

15 May 2009 – 14 June 2009


A warm welcome to the 2009 Singapore Arts Festival!

The Festival opens at a time when Singapore, along with the rest of the world, faces serious economic challenges. In this climate, the work of artists worldwide is threatened by the withdrawal of private and public funding. It is often said that the arts is the first area to suffer budget cuts in a recession. However, those who do so would likely be disappointed. This is because the arts has tended to be modestly funded even in good times, and a cut would not yield much savings. Reducing support for artists now would instead erode their hard-earned gains that would potentially require much more to regain and recover in the future. It could also deprive the public a much-needed means of relaxation, enjoyment, reflection and inspiration that can be found in the arts and within the space offered by an arts festival.

I am therefore heartened that the government has remained steadfast in its support of artists and events such as the Singapore Arts Festival. This year we have prepared a strong and diverse programme with a suite of classical, contemporary, experimental and popular offerings. With more than 600 performances and activities in both indoor and outdoor venues which are either free or within affordable ticket price ranges, in downtown Singapore and in the heartlands, the Festival is within everyone's reach.

I hope that Singaporeans will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to enjoy the arts with their friends, colleagues, neighbours, and family members.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to our fervent audiences, our valued partners and sponsors, whose passion for the arts continues to keep the arts alive. Your encouragement and support drive us to do our best, enable us to further strengthen social and community bonds, and contribute towards the development of Singapore artists’ work at home and abroad.

I wish all of you an unforgettable experience at the Festival.

– Edmund Cheng (National Arts Council Chairman)

(Source: National Arts Council Programme)

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Edmund Cheng
National Arts Council Chairman
Goh Ching Lee
Festival Director


Singapore Arts Festival (2009), Programme
Programme for Singapore Arts Festival (2009). 
National Arts Council
Recorded: 15 May 2009
Singapore Arts Festival (2009), Programme
Programme for Singapore Arts Festival (2009).
National Arts Council