Toy Factory Productions Limited

About Toy Factory

Founded in 1990, Toy Factory has had a rich history being a part of Singapore’s amazing arts scene, generating a body of original and unique stories for Asia and beyond.

Priding itself on its all-inclusive approach, the theatre-maker is an advocate to creating a legacy of original Asian stories and quality adaptations on stage – often toggling between vastly different languages, dialects and styles in order to present the purest form of theatrical storytelling onto Singapore’s main stage.

Toy Factory often ventures beyond Singapore to share its stories to the rest of the region. Between its inception and today, Toy Factory has collaborated with and worked with numerous different associations and festivals in major cities all around the world.

Above all other worldly factors, Toy Factory believes in creating an experience for the audience that will bring the world together: to share, to love and to be.

Mission and Vision


To be a regional theatre company, creating a quality repertoire of artistic stage productions for the enrichment of every audience member without barriers.


To connect the world through the special bond of theatrical sharing with the Singaporean stories we produce.

(Source: Toy Factory Website)