Saga Seed Theatre


Saga Seed Theatre was born from a conviction that new voices and stories need to be given a platform to be heard and that writers need a supportive environment to learn and grow. Headed by acclaimed playwright Jean Tay and supported by two independent theatre directors, Saga Seed Theatre aims to connect playwrights with directors, actors and other players needed to bring new plays to fruition through being an advocate for playwrights and actively creating avenues for them to grow as artists.

Our Vision:

Saga Seed Theatre aims to be a nucleus to bring together artists from different backgrounds and stages of artistic growth to share experiences and create new original work. We envision a culture of inclusivity and open collaboration in making theatre, and strive to build bridges across generations.

Our Mission:

We want to work closely with Singaporean artists to develop high-quality original works through creating an open and collaborative environment. We value the process of creation and co-learning with our collaborators, while supporting their individual journeys as artists.

​Last Updated: December 2022


Start: 20 August 2016
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