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ArtsEquator is a digital media platform which covers arts and culture in Southeast Asia.

Despite the vibrant arts scene in cities like Jogjakarta, Singapore, George Town, Bangkok and Manila, our cultural, aesthetic and historical reference points are often orientated away from Southeast Asia.

Launched in November 2016 by Kathy Rowland and Jenny Daneels, we are a platform for arts writing and criticism in Southeast Asia. ArtsEquator Viewpoints are original articles, podcasts, videos, photo essays and illustrations produced by our team and an international pool of contributors. ArtsEquator Radar features articles and posts drawn from local sites and publications – aggregated content from outside sources that allow us to be exposed to a multitude of voices in the region. ArtsEquator was the first platform in Singapore to produce art-related podcasts.

With the decline of traditional media, spaces for arts publishing and criticism have all but vanished in recent years. Yet, arts media is an essential part of the arts ecosystem. ArtsEquator operates as an independent intermediary that supports the arts and culture sector. Our principal stakeholders are arts makers, arts critics and arts audiences in Southeast Asia.

ArtsEquator Ltd. is a Charity, registered in Singapore.

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