Main Tulis Group

Main Tulis Group is Singapore's only playwright collective focusing on developing English and Malay scripts.

Main Tulis Group (MTG) is Singapore’s only collective that works on developing English and Malay plays. The emphasis is on “main” and “tulis”—writing organically, without restrictions— while also being about playwriting as a craft.

The group organises regular readings of works-in-progress and has been part of programmes organised by Centre 42, BooksActually and the Esplanade. For the past 3 years, MTG has been presenting new work at Centre 42’s yearly event, Late-Night Texting, where it has been part of the programmes ETA: 9 MIN and VERSO / RECTO. MTG also partners with institutions such as the Esplanade and the National University of Singapore to conduct outreach events on writing and mentor young writers.

Its current members are: Adib Kosnan, Ahmad Musta’ain Khamis, Farhanah Diyanah (FD), Hazwan Norly, Nabilah Said, Nessa Anwar, Raimi Safari and Sabrina Dzulkifli.

(Source: Main Tulis Group Facebook)


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