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The Asian Dramaturgs' Network (ADN) is formed with the intent of mapping and networking the region's dramaturgical experience and knowledge. ADN is collaboratively conceptualised with Centre 42 and held its inaugural ADN Symposium in Singapore in 2016. Since then, various gatherings of dramaturgs, performance makers and arts educators from around the Asia-Pacific region have taken place in Singapore, Japan, Australia and Indonesia. Centre 42 is the principal organising partner for ADN.


1. To connect the various dramaturgical thinking and practices unique to the region to form a community of artists.


ADN recognises and embraces diverse and new ways of working and thinking in dramaturgy. As an increasingly growing critical field in performance, dramaturgy in Asia presents rich and diverse approaches to the discipline due to the region's cultural and artistic complexities and multiplicities. ADN hopes to connect individual dramaturgs in Asia to develop dialogues, discourses, collaborations and other professional and research relationships.


2. To provide a focused platform for Asian dramaturgs in their myriad of methods and approaches to dramaturgy. 


Sometimes, we do not even call ourselves "dramaturgs", but the fact is we take on the role of dramaturg. ADN envisions a platform of rich exchanges of ideas and resources in various ways of intellectual, artistic and practical collaborations, sympsiums, colloquiums and workshops.


3. To formalise and professionalise the role of the dramaturg as a growing necessity in the diverse nature of contemporary performance.


Skills-building is important to ADN, to enhance practical and theoretical dramaturgical knowledge and skills amongst working dramaturgs in the regions.


4. To communicate and educate on the role and function of the dramaturg in a more systematic and organised manner that will benefit performance-makers in the region.


Not all performance-makers have a clear understanding of what a dramaturg does in and for the development of a performance, how to work with one, or even if there is a need to have one. ADN hopes to inform and educate performance-makers about the value of dramaturgy and the dramaturg.


5. To provide dramaturgical resources to the performance-makers and other artistic stakeholders in the region and beyond.


While being focused in its dramaturgical mission, ADN will also strive to connect and link with other individuals who may have deep working relationships with dramaturgs – performance-makers, theatre directors, choreographers, artists, creative producers, producers, curators, programmers. This resource may also expand to include regional and international artistic, funding, production and infrastructural collaborations and cooperations.


6. To be an organised platform for exchange and engagement with Euro-American colleagues and peers.


ADN hopes to function as the organisational front for dramaturgs in the region to connect and communicate with our counterparts in the West. ADN envisions a rich exchange of different dramaturgical perspectives and novel approaches to theorising and working in dramaturgy between dramaturgs from all over the world.


The co-directors of ADN from 2016 to 2023 are: 

Lim How Ngean
Founding and Co-Director
Robin Loon


ADN's newest publication, (Asian) Dramaturgs’ Network: Sensing, Complexity, Tracing and Doing, features selected essays, extracts from presentations, case studies and critical reflections, which explore the histories, stories and practices of the Asian Dramaturgs' Network over the past seven years. 

ADN's previous publications include three e-zines which offer snapshots of ADN's work through selected transcripts of past presentations and dialogues. Click on each publication below to learn more.

Past Events

ADN's inaugural symposium was held in 2016, where more than 15 Asian-based dramaturgs presented different perspectives on dramaturgical thinking and practices. Since then, ADN has organised several more events, all of which have been documented through audiovisual recordings, transcripts, and rapporteur's reports. Click on each event below to learn more.

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